I was initially a little nervous before I attended my Yoga Teacher Training with Creative Yoga School as I was unsure what to expect. However, I was immediately put at ease by Silvia’s warm welcome. Offering an introduction, demonstration and explanation of the course and benefits of it, even at the beginning of my teacher training course I have found Silvia to be accessible, inspiring, caring and very knowledgeable. Couple of months into the teacher training my classmates and I noticed an improvement in our fitness, flexibility and strength and each weekend we looked forward to learning more and developing our knowledge under Silvia’s tuition. Having experienced a stressful few months in my personal life, I have found that Creative Yoga School teacher training to be amazing and looked forward to every weekend to deepen my knowledge.
— Sarah, Fashion Buyer's Assistant
Creative Yoga School has an amazing team of teachers and Silvia as a course leader and co-founder of the school
is graceful, encouraging, and most importantly very talented at doing what she does. I looked forward to every weekend of the teacher training where Silvia taught with fervor and great passion. Yoga has noticeably improved my flexibility, strength, and breath control over the years; while helping me to find an additional level of mental balance as well. Silvia also made everyone feel welcome. As yoga is frequently a more feminine dominated discipline it can be intimidating for men to join a class or a teacher training, but I have not had any issue with that from the moment I started the course. I recommend this teacher training to anyone wishing to become a yoga teacher or just to deepen the personal knowledge.
— Seth, Actor
I have done my Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training with Creative Yoga School and it was and amazing experience. Silvia as a course leader and co-founder of the school was an incredible guide. She calmly explains any poses, corrects my postures and explains how to go deeper into them. Every weekend with a focus on deep breathing and alignment we were sure to deepen our knowledge. Silvia has a gift and she is able to share it. During the meditation module for example, her soothing voice and choice of music were able to lead my mind to a quiet state, leaving me relaxed, and serene.
— Laura, Early Years Professional
Creative Yoga School teachers are all amazing, sharing so much love and knowledge.
Silvia’s words helped me put perspective on how I saw myself and others, and how I should relate to the world around me. Learning to set individual’s intention for the classes made it incredible meaningful. Every weekend was inspiring and has given me a special physical, mental and spiritual experience. I am grateful for everything that will come from this experience.
— Kat, MSc Investment & Finance
I will always remember my first class with Silvia because the feeling of empowerment and curiousness into my internal self was like no other yoga class I had experienced before. This was the beginning of my yogic journey and I was excited to keep exploring this. Her knowledge and passion of yoga fills the room with warmth and enchantment making each class a vibrant knew experience. From her creative and playful sequencing, connection with the power of breath and visual guidance of the philosophy, helping you to journey through the class, connecting in your personal way whether that is physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Her encouraging nature has allowed me to explore those connections within myself in ways I didn’t think possible. Every class is different, has great sense of fun! Dynamically strong and challenging with a compassionate guidance.

Silvia is such a passionate and intuitive teacher with so much to share, I never stop learning or finding something new in her classes. The understanding of truthfulness, self belief and acceptance of progression not perfection she has taught me in her teaching has positively touched my heart in my spiritual growth. As a student of yoga I am forever filled with gratitude to Silvia. You will certainly step onto a path of wonder and excitement on this teacher training!! Many thanks Silvia
— Alex Elinson, Film/Art World Sculptor & 200-HOUR TEACHER TRAINING STUDENT
My Yoga Teacher Training with Creative Yoga School with Silvia as a course leader was a really good experience. Silvia is experienced and a really great teacher. She takes into account everybody’s individual abilities and she really cares for her students.
— Talo, Nutritionist
My Yoga Teacher Training with Creative Yoga School was an excellent experience. Silvia was a fantastic course leader with exceptional patience and skills. 
Silvia was always present, consistent and exceptionally attentive as a course leader. My classmates and I have all really progressed in our ability and journeys; this was due to Silvia’s excellent guidance, knowledge and encouragement. 
I would recommend the Creative Yoga School Teacher Training to anybody looking to attend an interesting, progressive and fulfilling course. 
The rest of the school teachers were amazing too.
— Ronda, Interior Designer
I was extremely fortunate to have Silvia as my course leader during my 200hour Teacher Training. Silvia really nurtured all aspects of yoga for me. I was much more aware of the physical side of yoga which she definitely helped me develop a lot. She also helped me discover the deeper side of yoga in the philosophy. Yoga has certainly become more of a spiritual practice than a simply physical one.
Silvia has a great understanding of people. She is really identifies areas in which you might need a bit of a push. Silvia helps put you out of your comfort zone which helps you grow, not only as a yoga teacher but as a person. Silvia challenges you: For instance, I’ve always been a more quiet person and when pairing us up during my training, Silvia made sure to put me with much louder, more extroverted people. This definitely pushed me and helped me gain confidence.
I am extremely grateful to have met Silvia as she is not only a great teacher, she is now a great friend.
Thank you Silvia
— Pierre, 200-hour Teacher Training Student
I was lucky enough to have had Silvia as my course leader on my 200 hour Yoga teacher training. Her respect for yoga and its legacy is so strong and that really shines through in her teaching. She has a very nurturing nature which helped our group quickly develop into a supportive network of goddesses! I loved the importance she placed on how it is our duty as yoga teachers to progress our students and that teaching yoga is a devotional service (Bhakti Yoga). I am lucky to have learnt a huge amount from Silvia, from her inner strength and resilience as a Yogi
— Kate Coop, Actresses & 200-HOUR TEACHER TRAINING STUDENT